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Crown Review #39 - Secret of the Sphinx

The Secret of the Sphinx - Samuel Bavli

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars
Series: Standalone
Length: 134 Pages
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Thank You Samuel Bavli & NetGalley for giving a copy in exchange for an honest review.

The place is ancient Egypt. The year is 2558 BCE. Two of the king’s three sons have died in an apparent accident. Neb, who is the king’s vizier and a great magician, is the only one who realizes that their deaths were not accidental, and he tries to prevent the death of the king’s third son. The murderer, an evil sorcerer who fears Neb’s powers, has Neb abducted and casts a magic spell over him, imprisoning Neb’s soul in a great stone sphinx.

Four and a half thousand years pass, and Neb’s sphinx is on display in a museum. A teenage boy named Jon is visiting the museum on a class trip, and Neb immediately senses that this boy could be the key to his freedom. The sphinx speaks to Jon and tells him to return that night; but when Jon returns, the spirits of long-dead kings and demons try to prevent him from reaching the sphinx. After narrowly escaping the spirits, Jon finally reaches Neb. Intrigued by Neb’s story and by the prospect of adventure, Jon climbs onto the sphinx’s back, and flies back in time with Neb to search for the secret that will release Neb’s soul from its stony prison.

This is a great middle grade book for students who have a great interest in Egyptian mythology.

I, for one, also have a great interest in Egyptian mythology. If there is a book and you tell me it involves Egyptian Mythology, it would quickly grab my attention. I felt the need to read something with Egyptian touches and mythology. I was looking through books and I have come across this on NetGalley. It was going to be a quick read and I thought it looked good overall. I gave it a chance and it had everything I looked for in books involving with Egyptian Mythology.

In Secret of the Sphinx, a sorcerer, Neb, is imprisoned in a stone statue of a Sphinx and can only be free when a specific event happens in the future. In the future, Jon, a student, visits the museum and notices that there is something different looking at Neb's sphinx statue. He later gets a message and returns to it during the night. He climbs onto the sphinx's back and travels back in time to solve the mystery and free Neb's soul once for all.

Even though the story was a short 134 pages, it had everything I wanted. Usually, I look for mentioning of the Gods and Goddesses, some of Egypt's history, and adventure. How can you have an adventure when something is set in Ancient Egypt? Some of the details the author included in the story had every fact that I wanted. There were the Gods, there were parts about the temples and pyramids, and even little details like scarabs and jewelry. I loved every little mentioning about Ancient Egypt.

The only small part I do have to say that there was areas that I got a little confused on what was going on, but that rarely happened. I did understand the overall story and everything involving the main set of characters. On the scenes that were mainly minor characters, it did get a little confusing, but the next couple of chapters usually clarified things.

One thing I did appreciate was the ending. You would think that everything would be settled in Ancient Egypt in most stories like these. However, this isn't the case with this book. I will not say what it was, but it was nice to see a change for once. It was a good ending for the story.

Overall, I think anyone in the middle-grade will enjoy this story if they want to reading something with Ancient Egypt. I may not be in the middle-grade, but it did serve my wants for reading something with Egyptian Mythology in it. It was also the perfect quick read for it as well.

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