Thursday, April 13, 2017

Crown Recaps - March 2017

March 2017

Yes, I know, this is a bit late than usual. Normally, the recaps come out at the beginning of each month. I've been a little busy mixed in with procrastination for posting it. Finally, the time has come and this recap is finally out.
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The Secret of the Sphinx - Samuel Bavli - A story inspired by Egyptian Myths about a boy who stumbles upon a Sphinx that could communicate with only him. Together, they travel back in time by the Sphinx's power to solve a mystery and end a curse. 

Ice Massacre and Ice Crypt - Tiana Warner - The first two books of a series about a fight between mermaids and humans on a fictional land. Every year, a group of warriors are set out on a mission to fight the mermaids, but never come back. A new group of warriors, female, go out this time to fight the mermaids, but secrets and history and enemies come along to stir things up even more.

The Gauntlet - Karuna Riazi - Inspired by board games and Jumanji, a group of friends get teleported into a board game to rescue the protagonist's brother and beat the game once a for all. The challenge proved tough, but are they able to defeat the game and opponents once and for all?

King's Cage - Victoria Aveyard - The third book in the Red Queen Series tells as Mare continues to fight her battle while stuck with the wrong side. The Red Bloods continues to fight without Mare, but the war is not quite done yet. How does the battle lead to an end?

Scarlet and Cress - Marissa Meyer - The Second and Third Book of The Lunar Chronicles. Scarlet and Cress come into the story as Cinder's battle with Levana continues. As each character brings in a specific role to the battle, the battle between Earth and Lunda continues on. Is Cinder able to stop the battle once and for all?

An Ember in the Ashes - Sabaa Tahir - A slave and soldier against an entire system. One to save her brother, one to avoid his destiny. In a secret rebellion group, Laia volunteers to go undercover to gather some information in order to get help to free her brother. Elias wants no part of the system he's in and he rather leave it all behind but gets caught up in the Empire when something rare happens. Together, they might just have what it takes to do everything they need to, and the Empire could change along with it. 

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