Sunday, April 9, 2017

Crown Review #38 - Ice Crypt

Ice Crypt - Tiana Warner

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
Series: Mermaids of Eriana Kwai, #2
Length: 426 Pages
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Meela has just returned from the Massacre—the annual attempt to wipe out the mermaids threatening her people’s survival. After forming an unlikely connection with Lysi, a mermaid she was trained to kill, Meela is determined to stop the war between humans and merpeople for good. She knows of a legendary weapon that could bring peace if she uses it against King Adaro, ruler of the Pacific Ocean. But her people have plans for future Massacres and refuse to help her uncover it.

While Meela works in secret to unearth the Host of Eriana, Lysi is held captive under Adaro’s tyranny. Sent to the battlefront, Lysi joins forces with a band of rebels that could either bring her freedom—or have her executed for treason.

Separated by the vast Pacific Ocean, Meela and Lysi must find a way to defeat King Adaro and end the war that has been keeping them apart.

This is the first time that I have read the beginning of the series within four days, a new record for me. Sadly, I cannot say that I have completed the series because the third book is due to be released some point in 2018. However, just like the first two books, I would probably read it within two days as well. 

You know how most books are really good and how their sequels can be just at the same level or not as good? That was not the case with this book. I actually liked this sequel better than the first. It was because the overall story was more developed in this book. We got to see the land's history and mythology and even how the land came to be. We also got to experience the other side of the "war" and see what life is like for Lysi and other mermaids. Although I liked the land's history and mythology more, I still found Lysi's perspective very interesting as we got to know more about her as well.  It was the perfect blend for the two point of views in the story. 

In Ice Crypt, Lysi has to face Adaro and joins a band of rebels that are against him and want to make things better for the kingdom. It turns outs that Meela and Lysi aren't the only ones that don't believe in Adaro's reign and King Skills. Meanwhile on land, Meela is out trying to convince everyone of the legend of the Host of Eriana and sets out to find it as well. Along with the help of her friends who believe, they set out and discover clues that could lead to the host. However, things are not what they seem for everyone, mermaids and humans.

Dani continued to be that character you love to hate due to how her character progresses throughout the story. Usually a progress is something good, but in this case, it isn't. During one scene, my rage was filled to the max. I could not believe what was going on. However, during that scene, something happens and I didn't know how to properly react to it. I was so mixed by it.

After finishing this book, I have realized that I know more about mermaids than ever. I thought I knew some, but this book teaches a lot. You can tell that there was extensive research behind the mythology of mermaids. I give credit to where it is due, because if some of facts were due to creative originality, it felt like an actual fact. Very well done. I am completely shocked on how much I enjoyed reading this series than I originally thought I would have.

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