Friday, July 7, 2017

Crown Review #55 - The Immortal's Guide

The Immortal's Guide - S.C. Parris

Rating: 4/5 Stars
Series: The Dark World, #2
Length: 474 Pages
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When the Great Vampire falls, his dark secrets rise. 

As a new breed of creature consumes all, Xavier Delacroix is thrown into the fray of The Dark World, while Christian Delacroix is kept maddeningly close to the mysterious Alexandria Stone.

The Immortal’s Guide, the powerful book every creature wants to get their hands on, is lost. Xavier Delacroix is in a race to find it—and keep it from the clutches of a surprising new creature that is as familiar as she is deadly.

In the second book in The Dark World series, secrets are revealed and a battle among creatures continues. When Xavier Delacroix is thrown into the middle of everything, he is on the hunt for the specific items.

In the first book, Parris managed to create a world and was able to spin it for her own originality. Parris managed to extend it further in this book through every detail possibles and new characters. The most exciting part was learning about new creatures and even some creatures with enchanting abilities. In the Dark World, I did not even come to close to thinking that enchanting was a possibility but it happened and proved to be a good part of the story. Other new information were brought in as well, but all I knew that a lot of things were happening, and you just need to keep reading to see it all.

The ending of the story was biggest piece throughout the entire story. Parris just drops surprising information and details and you realize that you will never know the true Dark World and the Dark World always has its secret and some are gonna stay hidden. The Dark World is mysterious and always thrilling,

If you haven't picked up the series yet, do so and experience the mysterious, hidden world of The Dark World. I think everyone will like it.

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