Saturday, July 8, 2017

Crown Review #56 - The Two Swords

The Two Swords - S.C. Parris

Rating: 4/5 Stars
Series: The Dark World, #3
Length: 400 Pages
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The Dark World is falling.

Faced with the impending threat of a new breed of creature, Xavier Delacroix is forced to enter the fight. For the Great Vampire’s sword must be taken back.

But the one who holds the sword is not ready to relinquish its power—a power that if used wrongly will change the face of the Dark World forever. 

Never did I think that I would fly through this book in only two days. I am not even sure how I managed it. Maybe it is that Parris is a secret enchanter and chose to cast a spell on the story where it puts the reader in a trance that makes them read 2x faster or something. Who knows?

Parris keeps managing to add more to the story so that is always interesting and unable to be put down. The battle continues and the chase is after the sword before certain changes could happen. In this book, we learn more about enchanters and their part of the world. I have been really interested in the enchanters, so I was glad to see that they got more of a spotlight in this book. I liked the fact they have been explored and that we got see more characters and new characters than just sticking to the overall main characters to the story. It's nice to see a world from many perspective that isn't confusing. I think it's rare to have multiple perspective and manage to control it all without things crossing over to much that makes it confusing. It was consistent and understandable. 

Just pick up the series and see why I could not stop reading the books. Support and Read the Series. It's amazing!

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