Monday, May 1, 2017

Crown Recaps - April 2017

Welcome fellow Readers! It is finally May and it is time to revisit the month of April for our next Monthly Recap! This month was a busy month and I have plenty of news to share!

First, I have completed my goal of reading 25 books and have exceeded into 28 books currently. Last year I have read past 40 books and I figured I would probably match it. However, I was not sure how life was going to go and for that, I brought my goal down to 25 books. Since I have completed that goal, my next goal is to match the 40 books and this will be a personal goal, not a GoodReads Goal.

Next, I have a set a new record of 9 Completed Books in 1 Month! That is only 1 up from last month in which I read 8 Books. Although, I must admit that one book I could have completed last month instead of this month, but I ended up taking a month break from it. Regardless, it is still a new record for me!

If you seen my other Monthly Recaps, you'll know that I usually just list all the books and give a brief summary. This time, I am changing it up a but because listing 9 books and their information can be a handful. Instead, I'll only select a few that I liked most. I finally finished The Lunar Chronicles with Winter. It was a rare instance for me to like the last book in the series more than any of the other books. I enjoyed having all the characters once and for all. The Lost Hero was a trip back to the Percy Jackson series. After reading the original series, I knew that I wanted to read the Heroes of Olympus series. I love Greek Mythology and I wouldn't even drop the chance to read it. I am currently reading the second book of the series right now. Lastly, Alive is really a book that can play with your mind. You start thinking you are convinced of one thing and then you are totally blown away when you realize that you have been completely wrong. In this book, you have to know nothing about it before going in. You have to know nothing and it will help you enjoy the story more.

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