Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Crown Recaps - February 2017

February 2017

It's the start of a new month, so it is time for another monthly recap! This month was more focused on my TBR pile with a few ARC's I got along the way. This month total is 5 books (although it should be 6, but that book will be completed in March). Unfortunately, this month didn't beat the record of 6 set in January, although 5 is still a lot of books for me to read in a month. Onto the books!
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Heartless by Marissa Meyer - I loved this book. The only other book I've read that was written by Marissa Meyer was Cinder, so I hoped that this book was going to be good, and it ended up being so much more and even better than I thought. In a fairy tale retelling inspired by the world of Alice in Wonderland, it is the tale of how the Queen of Hearts came to be the Off with the Head shouting Queen we know. In a wonderful world with amazing characters, this is a book to read. Rating to be announced this month.

Dragon Captives by Lisa McMann - A fantastic revisit to the original series I have truly loved from the beginning. The sequel series to the original The Unwanteds series is revisited 10 years into the future when Thisbe and Fifer go on their own adventure for the first time in an effort to rescue some dragon friends in a land yet discovered. Trouble may or may not be involved with these two. Rating to be announced this month.

Star-Crossed by Barbara Dee - An original tale inspired by the famous play of Romeo and Juliet and the author's daughter coming out. The author written this story as support for the daughter in which gained a lot of attention on the Booklr community on Tumblr. A lovely tale for all ages with 100% support going into it and can be loved by all. Rating to be announced this month.

Mask of Shadows by Linsey Miller -  In a world of a gender-fluid thief, Sal goes out to try out for The Left Hand to enact revenge on those who did their country wrong. This book was a good, quick read and full of action with some surprising twists. Truth be told that I wasn't expecting much, but I was proven wrong and was completely blown by this book. Rating to be announced this September.

The Dark World by S.C. Parris - An epic fantasy book that isn't quite YA. In the dark world of creatures among vampires and such, secrets are revealed that changes absolutely everything. A thrilling tale that keeps you on the top of your feet. There was so many things going on that you just had to keep reading to understand it all. Rating 4/5 Stars.

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