Monday, March 13, 2017

100 Books Celebration!


What? 100 Books? It took about 5 years to read 100 books. In order to celebrate, I was going to pick out a Top 10 Favorite Books of the 100 books I have read. However, I couldn't pick only 10 and ended up with a list of 25 books instead. Oh well. What can we do with books??

The Ones That Began It All

The first book I read was The Hunger Games. It was the time where the movies were just coming out and everyone was talking about. I never had the need to read before, but I had to know what all the talk was about. I've read the series and that was it. Later one, in an English, I finished a book project early that I did on The Vicious Deep. Since we had so many classes dedicated to the project, my teacher told me to pick a book and just read. I was not allowed to sit there looking into space. When I walked to the bookshelf, I noticed Divergent and thought it was cool and picked it up. My teacher noticed how much I was into it and told me to borrow it so I could finish and thus, a reader was born. After Divergent, I picked up The Unwanteds on chance and it became a favorite. These books are truly what began my obsession with reading.


I should just change the title for this section the "Rick Riodan" section. I love Mythology, especially Egyptian Mythology and Greek Mythology. It was no wonder that one of the first books I picked up were the series. The Percy Jackson series been out for a while, but the Kane Chronicles were just started and I loved every bit of it. My only wish that the Kane Chronicles would have been longer. I would have loved more.

Creatures of the Night

At this point, you'll notice that I have put these books into sections and categories and most of them are only 2 books. I do not know why, but that is how it happened. It was the only way I could understand it. In this section, it is only books that fall under Paranormal area. I have wanted to read Anna Dressed in Blood for the longest time. I felt like it was the only book about ghosts that I could deal with. I didn't want know beyond-the-darkness ghost types. This felt good enough and I became obsessed with it and bought the sequel immediately and read it. It became one of my all-time favorites. The Dark World has no ghosts though, but pretty much everything else. It was really different than most books and was the first time I have read something like this. At the end, I ended up enjoying it.


This is one and the only topic I am totally crazy over. I love books about magic and super powers. They are the best reads for me and I always love reading of them. Its not shocker that Harry Potter made the list. It was the best and I've read this to late. I should have read it earlier. Witch & Wizard was the first set of books I have read involving witches and wizards. It is completely different from everything else, and just when I thought it was done, 2 more books were coming out for the series. I have yet to read the last book yet. This category has to many books, but there was a ton of them I liked. However, talking about all of them would be just to much. I'm saving the trouble here.


AKA "The Marissa Meyer" Section. I have started Cinder so long ago and now I'm finally finishing the series. Cinder was the first retelling that I know of that I have read. However, Heartless was so much better that I became slightly obsessed with it. I couldn't stop reading it. I loved it to much and I know nothing about Alice in Wonderland. NOTHING. Still one of the best though.

Time Periods

Ok, honestly, there were the books that has been left out and couldn't fit in the group. However, they did have something in common. They were based in Time Periods. I almost didn't include them in the list here, but I've been told to include them, so here they all.

Alternate Futures

Relax! You're at the end. If you made it this far, congratulations. I probably wouldn't even make it this far. These are the last 4 books in the list. Each of these books had something to do with alternate futures, slightly dystopias. TimeRiders is the only book/series about time travel, but the futures listed in the books were always creative and that made me continue the series. Unwind was a different take. At first, I did not want to read the series, but the book group I am in did a reading of it and I joined. It was the only series that only made me think about life and what I would do. It was that powerful. I do not think I have read any other book with that much power yet. I think I have said enough here and I wish I could talk more but that's it. Thanks for celebrating!

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